2019 Schedule of Events


You will not want to miss a single moment of this festival.  

There will be something for the entire family!

Theatre, Film, Music, Visual Arts, Spoken Word, Dance, Dialogue, Workshops 

Food, Fun and so much more!


The CFBA&I will always provide opportunities for discussions on a variety of topics that connect 

Black arts to other important areas in our society: Education, the economy, quality of life, 

neighborhood revitalization, pride, social justice, accessibility, and racism. 

How do the arts impact these areas of life in Chattanooga and America.  

Check the schedule below for when and where YOU can join the conversation.  

This is the “IDEAS” part of th​e festival.

Thursday June 13th

12 noon & 6:00 PM

Oscar Micheaux Black Film​ Festival 

At 12:00 noon a screening  "Superfly" 

Bring your lunch!!

 Beginning at 6:00 pm  we will pay tribute to director Spike Lee with a screening of his very first film, "Do the Right Thing" and 

"School Daze".  

We will also feature an ENCORE screening of  local filmmaker Jamaal Hicks' gripping documentary "32"

The Palace Theater

Ground floor of The Tomorrow Building

818 Georgia Ave #118


Panel Discussion 

Starting at 9:30


June 14

6:00 PM

August Wilson 

Playmakers Festival 

As a result of a newly formed partnership with the Chattanooga Theatre Centre(CTC), CFBA&I can now present fully realized plays in addition to one or more staged readings of plays written by local Black playwrights.  

This year we will present plays by 

Brandalyn Shropshire & Renita Johnson. 

The Attic - based on a book by Renita Johnson, adapted by Brandalyn Shropshire, explores the tragedies & triumphs of the life of Renita Johnson's.  This production reveals  sexually abuse, death, pregnancy, 

 to coping and healing.  

Love Letters - written and directed by Brandalyn Shropshire, explores the different forms of love including agape, 

family, and self love. 

There will also be an excerpted staged reading of "Gem of the Ocean" by August Wilson.  Followed by a lecture by Pedro E. Alvarado, August Wilson scholar. 

Chatta Theatre Centre (CTC)

400 River Street  -  In Coolidge Park

FREE & Ticketed 

Panel Discussion

Starting at 8:00


June 16

10:00 AM

Scratching Your Roots: 

A Black Genealogy Workshop

Researching African American ancestors can be challenging and often requires some creative searching methods. The process of locating African American ancestors can be time consuming but the effort can be extremely rewarding. Come learn how!

This event will be hosted by 

Form State Representative

Joanne Favors

Chattanooga Public Library  

1001 Broad Street


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Saturday, June 15

12 Noon

"Legacy Music Festival" 

In Celebration of 

Black Music Appreciation Month 

This will be professionally staged in the newly renovated Miller Park in downtown Chattanooga. 

The festival will feature some of 

Chattanooga's best musicians.  

Musical Line-up 

12:00 noon Sankofa African Drumming & Dance Co.

1:00 Ogya World Music Band

2:00 LaFredrick Thrilkill & Friends

3:00 Classical String Quartet

4:00 Neshawn Bynum Callaway as Bessie Smith

5:00 C-Grimey - Rap / Hip Hop

6:00 Michael Stewart Band - R&B

7:00 Darryl (aka LiL D) - Headliner

Artists exhibition and sale 

along with crafts, food, local Black owned business, entrepreneur and  more. 

Bring your lawn chairs, blankets 

and stay all day! 



Spoken Word Artists 

and Poets 

will be featured between musical performances 

June 15

1:30 -4:00


Ticketed Show at

9:00 PM

Shades of Poetry Writers'

Workshop and Open Mic.

This event is free and open to the public of all ages. This is for all writing levels.

The workshop will be followed by an open mic event for those who attended the workshop and other attendees.

1:30 PM Registration

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Writing Workshop

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Open Mic

Shades of Poetry Showcase

Saturday, June 15th 9:00 PM

This is an adult only performance.

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Chattanooga Theatre Centre 

400 River Street

FREE Workshop



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June 16

1:00 PM


2:00 PM


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Black Dads Matter 

Father's Day Brunch 

 Adult Brunch Tickets $20

Children under 12 Tickets $10
We will also presenting the

"Extraordinary Black Dad Award"

This is a SALUTE to all Black fathers who have done everything in their power to be good role models to their children despite all the stereotypes and statistics to prove otherwise. We have created a culture that hates and despises you. It depicts you as deadbeat, it throws you to the fire through media and movies, and rarely shows you as having any worth in our communities. Worst of all, our community believes it to be fact. Let this be a testament on your behalf, YOU ARE GREAT. But you also understand that you can be better and there are things we can do as the Black community to help our fathers become better dads. If you have not started, let this event be the beginning of that process for you!

1st  Annual 

Gospel  Music Festival 

Curated and Hosted by Trent Williams 

With Special Guests:

Swayyvo, Byron Harvey, 

Shawn Bigby, Larry Hurston

The Mt. Caanan & Olivet Baptist Mass Choirs, 

 and others.

Pre-purchase your brunch tickets 

The Hunter Museum of American Art

10 Bluff View Street

FREE Concert starting at 2:00 pm. 

Panel Discussion with local Dads 3:00

Monday June 17

5:30 PM Meet the artists reception & Panel 

"Places & Faces of 

Black Folk"

The Elizabeth Catlett Visual Arts Exhibition June 3rd - 29th 

Shelley & Cecilia King 

are this year's featured visual artists. 

Explore Chattanooga's Black community through the lenses of these extraordinary photographers & photo-journalists. Their work will be on exhibition at the Bessie Smith African American Museum 

 June 3rd - 29th

There will be a artist Meet & Greet on 

Monday, June 17th at 5:30 

followed by a panel discussion with other visual artists, supporters and arts organizations.

The Bessie Smith African-American Museum

200 E. M.L. King Jr. Blvd. 


Panel Discussion 

at 6:00 pm  



June 18

6:00 PM

Juba Dance Festival

Featuring dancers in recital from the 

D. Williams Dance Academy as well as other local dancers showcasing various dance forms. 

Chattanooga Theatre Centre (CTC) 

400 River Street in Coolidge Park


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June 19

12 noon


Commemoration Ceremony & Concert

There will be a reading of the Emancipation Proclamation by 

Wade Hinton, VP of Inclusion & Diversity at  Unum. 

Miller Park in the Heart of Downtown Chattanooga


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2018 Schedule of Events

Below is the Schedule of Events from the Chattanooga Festival of Black Arts & Ideas in 2018


The CFBAI will provide opportunities for discussions on a variety of topics that connect Black arts to other important areas in our society. Education, the economy, quality of life, neighborhood revitalization, pride, social justice, accessibility, racism. How do the arts impact these areas of life in Chattanooga and America.  Check the schedule below for when and where YOU can join the conversation.  

This is the “Ideas” part of the festival.

June 14 6:00pm 

Staged Reading of  

"Don't Suffer in Silence" 

 When Sexual Abuse Hits Your Home!

By Charles Patterson

In the United States and other countries, children are sexually attacked by random strangers lurking in dark places or in plain view.  In this stage reading the abuser is someone the child knows and trust. Lets help to Identify some alternatives to stop an abuser. "Don't Suffer In Silence"

For victims, the effects of child sexual abuse can be devastating. Victims may feel significant distress and display a wide range of psychological symptoms, both short and long-term. They may feel powerless, ashamed and distrustful of others. The abuse may disrupt victims' development and increase the likelihood that they will experience other sexual assaults in the future. 

Chatta. Theatre Centre (CTC) 400 River St. 


Panel Discussion 

Starting at 7:00

June 15

6:00 PM

Screening of the 

2018 Inspired Faith Film Festival 

Best Short Film Award

 “Michael Valentine"

By Shelia Wofford

MICHAEL VALENTINE is a top executive career oriented woman who has her eyes on the prize of becoming the successor as the CEO of the Advertising Firm she works for. Michael has exactly what she wants. The love of her life Robert Hart wants her as his wife. Michael must make a choice of following her heart with the love for Robert or for the love of her career. But then life sometimes throws an unexpected twist.


by Shelia Wofford

Skye White returns home for a family emergency. Being back in her father's house brings up deep memories which unlocks a story that leads to a treasure that changes her life forever.

Chatta Theatre Centre(CTC) - 400 River St.


Panel Discussion

Starting at 7:00

June 16


Black Music Month Celebration!

Professionally staged out doors festival featuring some of Chattanooga's best musicians.  Festivities kick-off with a tribute to the roots of ALL music with a drumming circle. Jazz, blues, rap, hip hop, classical and more will be performed.  

Musical Line-up

11:30   African - Kofi African Druming Circle/ 

12:00   Ogya World Music Band

  1:45   Classical - Brewer / Jones Strings

  3:00   Blues - Tee Bumpass Band

  4:15   Pop - Young, Gifted & Black

  5:30   Hip Hop / Rap - Saux Chill

  6:45   Jazz Fusion - Dexter Bell & Friend

Artists exhibition and sale along with crafts, food and  more. 

Bring your lawn chairs, blankets and stay all day! 

Come support our next generation of Black musicians. Make a donation to support the Howard High School Band! 

Adult beverages will be on sale.

Chatta. Theatre Centre - 400 River St


Drumming Circle is open to the public! Bring your drum !

June 16

9:00 PM

Poetic Kama Sutra Open Mic Night!

 This spoken word  group of artist who wanted to remix the synergy of poetry will  perform in the main lobby of the Chattanooga Theatre Centre.   Combining spoken word with music, dance and a whole lot  talent will give you that PKS EXPERIENCE! 

Adult beverages will be for sale.

CTC - 400 River Street in Coolidge Park

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June 16


End of Riverbend Fireworks Show

Chattanooga Theatre Centre's Lawn  is the perfect spot for CFBAI attendees  to enjoy the fireworks on the last night of Riverbend . 

Sit back relax and enjoy an adult beverage as  the unofficial start to summer begins.  

Adult beverages will be for sale.

CTC    400 River Street in Coolidge Park


Per Ticket

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June 17

3:30 Panel



Music begins

"Black Dads Matter" 

Father's Day Gospel Concert

Bring your father or fathers bring the kids to this celebration of 

Black Fathers on Fathers day. 

There will be food trucks as well as local restaurants a stones through from the stage. You​ are encouraged to bring your own Pic-Nic spread and enjoy the music presented by 4 local gospel groups starting at 5:00. 

5:00   Enoushall M. Kilgore

5:45    Courtney D Slocum 

6:30    3D aka 3 Dreamers

6:45    Trent Williams

At 3:30 there will be a panel discussion with local clergy about the impact and influence of the church on the 

Black community. 

What are ways the faith based 

organizations can help move the Black Community forward.

CTC   400 River Street in Coolidge Park


Panel Discussion    with local clergy at 3:30

June 18




"Let Freedom Ring"

Local artist Charlie Newton 

will be Artist in residence at the 

AVA: Association for Visual Arts 

June 1 through June 22, 2018.

During the month long residency Mr. Newton will produce a large scale painting on canvas entitled “The Lamentation of Ed Johnson”. The painting will depict the historic event in 1906 when Ed Johnson a 24 year old black man was wrongfully accused of raping a white woman and lynched on the Walnut Street Bridge in Chattanooga.  CFBAI is happy to partner with Mr. Newton and AVA as we host a special  viewing of the exhibition along with a panel discussion dealing with access for local Black visual artists. 

AVA   30 Frazier Street on the 

North Shore


Panel Discussion 

at 7:00 pm  

at AVA

June 19

12 noon


Commemoration Ceremony

The festival will begin its decent on the steps of City Hall, where local educator, actor and playwright LaFrederick Thirkill will present a dramatic reading of the Emancipation Proclamation. Immediately preceding and after his reading there will be performances of traditional Negro Spirituals. Mayor Andy Berke will read his proclamation declaring June 14 through June 19, 2018 a celebration of Chattanooga Black Arts and Ideas in remembrance of Juneteenth. The Negro National Anthem Lift Every Voice And Sing as arranged by internationally recognized Chattanooga educator, composer and conductor Dr. Roland M. Carter will bring the program to a close. 

Chattanooga City Hall Steps 100 E. 11th Street


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